Provenance Bio

Senior Scientist / Scientist, Fermentation
Provenance Bio, San Diego, In-Person, Full-time


Company Overview:

Provenance Bio is advancing the future of sustainable green chemistry and products for a circular economy. Our new synthetic biology platform is enabling development of animal free proteins for biomaterials, food, and therapeutic products. We are creating recombinant collagen to give vegan gelatin and cultivated meat their structure, bioleather its standalone integrity, and bioinks their support and shape fidelity for tissue engineering.


Role Summary:

Are you looking to make an impact in a company that is developing cutting edge sustainable protein products? Do you have in-depth fermentation experience in small- and large-scale protein production using industrially relevant microbes? If so, this is an exciting growth opportunity to drive the development of an innovative technology in a fast-paced start-up environment. You will set up a fermentation lab and build the process science team to rapidly evaluate large numbers of microbial strains for protein expression in small scale fermenters and subsequently validate and develop robust, cost-efficient large-scale processes to produce lead protein molecules.

You should be a highly motivated expert in fermentation science and process control and have a strong understanding of microbial physiology and biosynthetic pathways. You will be responsible for all aspects of optimization of strain performance and the development of the fermentation process for a given molecule in terms of strategies used, prioritization, and scale-up to pilot and manufacturing scale.


Key Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Expertise in yeast, bacteria or related microbial fermentation methods.
  • Experience in setting up a fermentation lab. 
  • Ability to independently design bench-scale experiments and scale-up methods for rapid strain evaluation and process optimization to maximize yield, purity, stability, and performance of recombinant proteins for a variety of applications.
  • Experience with small-scale and high throughput fermentation systems, creating data-driven scale-up models, design-of-experiment (DOE) process and media optimization approaches.
  • Lead fermentation efforts and work collaboratively with other upstream and downstream research teams to meet project goals in a fast-paced and changing research environment. 
  • Knowledge in scaling up fermentation processes, including working with external CMO partners.
  • Coordinate all activities pertaining to fermentation scheduling, designing experiments, sourcing media components, optimizing fermentation conditions, analyzing and documenting results, and troubleshooting issues with input from other team members. 
  • Knowledge of fermentation data collection, analysis, and storage tools/databases.
  • Strong communication and analytical skills, including preparing and presenting technical reports.
  • Attention to fine details, persistence in accomplishing goals in a timely manner, coordinating multiple project tasks simultaneously, and willingness to take on new responsibilities. 
  • Lead projects and be accountable for their success while communicating effectively with all stakeholders.


Education and Experience:

  • Masters or PhD in Fermentation/Process Science, Chemical or Biochemical Engineering or equivalent industry experience.
  • Greater than 2 years of industry research experience is a plus.


Company Benefits:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits, opportunities for career advancement.

Provenance is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to promoting the wellbeing of each member of our growing team, so that together, we can achieve our mission of transforming global protein production. We are an inclusive and diverse team of industry veterans, groundbreaking synthetic biologists, and pioneers in cellular agriculture. We offer competitive compensation, benefits, and equity packages. Join us as we help build a radical future.