Radical Innovation, Naturally Inspired

By harnessing recent breakthroughs in tissue engineering and biosciences, we’re circumventing the traditional path of animal skin development, offering an efficiency yet unseen in nature.

Building Blocks 

We use collagen, the primary component of skin, to recreate leather in all of it's unique beauty. 

A multi-level process

From a single collagen molecule to distinct surface textures, skin is developed through a multi level process. As we learn to build with collagen at Provenance, we are directing the self organization of leather, recreating it in nano and meter length scales, the same way animal skin is made in nature. 

The architecture of texture

At the most basic level, leather is cross-linked collagen from skin. Our team of experts in the programming of collagen are completely reproducing this crosslink—the internal architecture of skin.

We use mechanical actuators to recreate the stresses and strains that occur in natural animal development resulting in distinct features and surface textures.

Wild textiles 

Our proprietary and patented technology has given us a platform to develop many kinds of animal skins outside of traditional leather, including but not limited to exotics like alligator and crocodile skins. 

A new era for materials

Our cruelty-free materials will be biodegradable, resource efficient and high quality, with programmable strength, thickness, size and surface textures. 

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