Innovating our way from a crisis to the future.

At Provenance we believe that replacing animal products with better alternatives is the best solution to reversing global warming.

The impact of leather 

Leather is our oldest textile. From its form, thickness, flexibility, durability, and strength, to its unique textures and feel, the characteristics of leather make it a material like none other. Selected for use in countless products for its form and function over millennia, leather brings great value to the products crafted from it, and for this reason it remains vital to fashion at large. Not one leather alternative has been able to compare to the skin-like qualities that make this covetable material the cornerstone of the luxury industry.  

Awareness of animal agriculture's environmental burden foretells the coming of a shift in how we harness all of our animal products. At Provenance, we want to see the emotional connection to leather maintained for generations to come. In an era when the solutions to our biggest problems are so close at hand, we are dedicated to rebuilding leather—retaining all of its unique properties and beauty—but doing so in a more sustainable and mindful manner. We can realize new ideas, new methods of production and new materials that redefine how we relate to the world around us.

Preserving biodiversity and natural resources

More than one quarter of the un-iced land on earth is currently used for the farming of animals. As a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions globally, animal agriculture is responsible for nearly as much GHG as all combined exhaust from transportation. 

Methane, another byproduct of animal agriculture, is a potent greenhouse gas with warming potential significantly greater than carbon. Fortunately, rethinking our animal products will result in reductions of methane, yielding immediate results, as its atmospheric effects are approximately 1/10th as long-lasting as carbon dioxide. 

And as the world's human population continues to grow, emissions from agriculture are projected to increase 80 percent by 2050. Unchecked, this expansion threatens biodiversity and resource security for all.

Shrinking a heavy footprint

Leather is one of six commodities responsible for two thirds of global deforestationThe industry itself slaughters more than one billion animals annually. Aside from being the most economically valuable byproduct of the meat industry, leather is being elevated to a co-product as demand continues to rise.

A sustainable and transparent future

At Provenance we believe in a better, more sustainable and innovative future. We are building on our partnerships in the fashion community, from labels to designers, ushering in a new era of sustainability and transparency for the luxury industry.

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